Amplifying Improvement, Top Aim, & Esports

Voltaic is an educational and entertainment content team as well as a community with a focus on Improvement, Aim and Esports Talent in (FPS) Games. We strive to foster improvement in our members through various challenges, competitions, ranks/teams, free resources such as guides, routines, benchmarks, advice, coaching and mentoring.

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what we offer


We provide feasible goals that players can achieve so that they are more motivated to work on their weaknesses.


We create various resources to help players improve and learn so that they can step up their game.

Competition & Challenges

We host tournaments, competitions for aiming, clip contests and benchmarks rankings as well as leaderboards.

Mentoring & Coaching

We have dedicated channels for advice, offer free mentoring and have paid coaching programs for those wanting more.


Joining our team or simply participating in our community and being a positive influence will make you grow with us.

Health & Nutrition

We provide health resources, advice and monthly AMA's in collaboration with the 1HP Team and our community.