About Us
To this day Voltaic maintains its grassroots origin, and operates with the help of a handful of volunteers & freelancers alike.
Voltaic started in late 2019 as a small community discord with mutual love for
self-improvement and various tips & tricks to improve in FPS games and aiming.

With the rising popularity and demand in improving aim mechanics. We decided to invest resources into expanding VT to the community it is today. A group of FPS enthusiasts dedicated to finding and spreading information about the best ways to improve mechanics through training.

We started with training routines, benchmarks, and then ranks by popular demand, in order to create an incentive for improving. Our concept was quite popular and the discord got an incredible boost in growth with the increased numbers of resources we released.

Through our continued growth and accumulation of resources, we began to attract professional and semi-professional players from several different esports. The insights and excitement that this caliber of player bring to Voltaic has continued to be invaluable to our efforts and has only served to rapidly expand the breadth and depth of our knowledge base as time has gone on.

This has culminated in professional players not only representing Voltaic with pride, but also actively engaging with our day to day operations for all. From this we have birthed our subsidiary coaching service Amped offering the best mechanics oriented coaching to the highest caliber of player with complete exclusivity.

In addition, we decided that we wanted to provide value to the community in other areas as well. This is when we started working with the doctors at 1HP, who provide our community with Player Performance and Health related AMA's & Workshops.

Voltaic attracted both people who love to grind the benchmarks as a sort of minigame, as well as people who joined to train their aim for in-game performance. We are proud that we’ve granted ranks to over 4000 people worldwide, achieved over 60 million plays on our scenarios on multiple platforms with over 1.6 million players.

To carry our vision forward, we have created various resources and guides devoted to increasing player performance including (but not limited to): overall and game specific aim improvement, health and nutrition, the ideal mindset and so forth.

Finally, Voltaic managed to recruit, and work with some of the most talented mechanical players in both esports and aiming.

Notable achievements of our players:
  • VT HisWattson achieving ALGS Raleigh 2022 MVP & Placing second in his first and only LAN
  • VT EliGE achieving HLTV MVP in 4 different CS:GO tournaments
  • VT cartoon, trustemix, and Matty can name themselves Aimlabs Skill Challenge Champions
  • Matty being the first and only one to win an Aim Training LAN event
  • Lorys winning the KovaaKs Meta League three times in a row
Our vision
To help anyone become better at any skill they want to improve.
Our Mission
To amplify mechanical skill development of players all around the world.
  • 4 years
    Voltaic has been established in 2019, and has been operating for 4 years in total.
    Three of our players have been crowned Aimlabs Skills Challenge Champions.
  • 4000 Rank-ups
    In our discord we've granted over 4000 rank roles to players all across the world.
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