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Voltaic is an educational community and elite aiming team with a focus on Improvement, Aim and Esports Talent in (FPS) Games.

About Voltaic

Voltaic houses some of the best Aimers & FPS Players in the world, and strives to become the number one, one-stop-shop for all Improvement and aim-related resources, advice and coaching. We discover world class players highlight them, and collaborate with them to create high quality educational resources & content. Our goal is not only to be a stepping-stone for aspiring professional players, but also to provide a platform for players to grow with us. We simultaneously aim to push the esports scene further by hosting our own challenges & leaderboards to inevitably lower the barrier to entry for competition.


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What Voltaic Offers
  • Skill Expression
    At Voltaic we showcase world class mechanics within aiming, movement, and any other related skills to FPS/TPS games.
  • Aim Benchmarks Icon
    Aim Benchmarks
    The Voltaic Aim Benchmarks include scenarios tailored to assess and enhance your aiming abilities. Designed to motivate you, and work on both your strengths & weaknesses.
  • FPS & Aim Resources
    We offer a wealth of FPS and Aim related resources to help players improve and learn to become better. These resources are designed to help players of all skill levels.
  • Coaching Icon
    Amped Coaching
    A world class coaching service to elevate the mechanics of T1/T2 Pros and Creators alike. Amped helps players improve all parts of their aim, such as flicking, tracking, and target switching.
  • Community Icon
    Become part of our ever growing community of
    self-improvement enthusiasts, and get access to all our resources, advice, guidance, and or participate in our gaming events.
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    We host tournaments, competitions for aiming, clip contests and benchmarks rankings as well as leaderboards.
  • Health Icon
    Player Health
    We provide player performance & health resources, advice and monthly AMA's in collaboration with the 1HP Team and our community.
  • Rank Roles
    In our discord, you can find roles for our aiming benchmarks, as well as roles for reaching earning thresholds or the highest rank in certain FPS games.

Our Partners

If you are interested in becoming a partner or sponsor, please feel free to contact us.
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