Voltaic specializes in a mechanical coaching service for professional FPS/TPS players, in games such as Valorant, Counterstrike, Apex Legends, Call of Duty: Warzone and Overwatch.
Welcome to Amped
Amped is our revolutionary step into professional FPS coaching. We seek to bring personalized Aim Training to top players, teams and individuals in order to amplify their skill ceiling.

Why train your aim

Aim is arguably one of the most important and sought after mechanical skill at the highest level of competitive play.


In a duel between players of similar skill levels, aside from utility usage, and movement, aim can be the difference between a win or a loss. In fact, players who actively practice their mechanics have an inherent advantage, because they are fixing weaknesses and flaws in their aim, while also improving their strengths, which will inevitably lead to a confidence boost and more consistent aim.


Aim Training allows players to work on their fundamentals, so that they can build the intuition to move their mouse properly. Think of making clean and smooth motions when approaching targets with your crosshair, instead of jittery and shaky ones. As well as more controlled flicks, better click-timing, target reading, confirmation, and acquisition. Good technique includes fast, yet controlled motions.


Aim Training grants the benefits of isolated practice, similar to how top athletes practice their kicks/throws/jabs to master a skill or movement. This isolation allows players to work on the parts of their aim that need the most work. Players can for instance isolate click-timing with dynamic and static flick-tech tasks, stability through precise scenarios, reactivity through reactive tasks, and finally target switching using both speed and evasive focused scenarios.


Most FPS games have an overwhelming amount of downtime. For example, Apex Legends due to needing to run and loot on a large map (Battle Royale nature), and Valorant/CS because of its slow pace due to needing to wait for rounds to end. With Aim Trainers such as Aimlabs and KovaaKs, players can dial in, and repeat tasks that are catered to their specific needs. Repetition is a core principle necessary for long-term improvement.


Due to the benchmarks, scoring and leaderboard system inside Aim Trainers it's relatively easy to see how well you did in a certain task. This makes it easier for players to identify which tasks they struggle the most with. This feedback could for instance be used to recognize that a player struggles with micro-corrections, and target confirmation to which they can respond, and adjust their training accordingly.

Targeted Practice

The unlimited customizeability makes it possible to make adjustments to scenarios or tasks based on the skill level of the player and their respective strengths/weaknesses, thus making solving aim problems infinitely easier. Not only does it allow players to fix aim problems, but it also improves their raw mouse control, which raises the skill ceiling and potential for their mechanics to prosper.

How it works



Aim Training orientation, setup, and Q&A. Also includes filling in player data, recording vods, and scheduling sessions.


Initial Assessment

Identifying aim problems, weaknesses, and strengths based on FPS gameplay.


Personalised Aim Training Plan

A training plan based on the initial assessment of the player. Includes tailor made tasks specific to the weaknesses and strengths of each player.


Weekly Coaching Sessions

Our coaches will also be available through text chat, and will make their best effort to check-in to make sure the training is going well.


Follow-up Training

Based on how the training is going, the coach will create a new training, and/or adjust the current plan to fit the player's needs better.



Once the player has gone through the entire Amped Training Plan, they will be given a post analysis document, which contains a plan on how they can continue improving their aim.

Meet the coaches
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Fixing Aim Problems
At Amped we will be analysing your gameplay to identify flaws in your aim, such as poor initial-flicks, click-timing, overflicking, and improper micro-corrections.
Why Amped
We make sure that all players get the most out of our coaching.
  • High Quality
    At Voltaic Amped, we ensure that our coaching is always at the highest quality possible by upholding a high standard with our documentation & usage of the latest tech/tools.
  • Active Text Support
    Our players are actively available to answer any questions through text or provide consultancy/guidance.
  • Custom Scenario Creation
    Both the player and coach will have access to our Scenario Creator, who will be able to make training tasks tailored to the needs of each player. This allows us to create unique scenarios and personalized training.
  • Individual Approach
    Every client gets assessed seperately, and receives a training plan that fits their personal weaknesses, strengths, flaws (and schedules) best. All training is designed with the player in mind.
  • 24/7 Support Staff
    In case the coaches aren't available to answer a question, or if players require additional help. Our staff is always readily available to assist the players.
  • Flexible Scheduling
    At Amped we have experience with the busy schedules of professional players, our coaches are able to accomodate flexible scheduling so that any player is able to commit to Amped thoroughly.
Pick a plan
Note: Bonuses such as discounts can be found at the bottom of this section.
A shortified version of Amped ($900 total).
$225 p/w
  • Personal Hub
  • Initial Assessment PDF
  • Custom Scenario Creation
  • Personalised Training Plan PDF
  • Weekly Sessions
Get Amped
For teams/players who want to try out Amped first ($500 total).
$250 p/w
  • Personal Hub
  • Initial Assessment PDF
  • Custom Scenario Creation
  • Personalised Training Plan PDF
  • Weekly Sessions
Get Amped
One-Off Aim Consulting
For players who want only one consulting session.
  • Initial Assessment PDF
  • Custom Scenario Creation
  • Personalised Training Plan PDF
Get Amped
  • Region-based pricing

    We know certain regions might have more difficulty with this price so we are open to discussing accommodating the price for fairness.
  • Player Referral Discount

    If you bring a teammate with you or refer us to other players who sign up and are suitable candidates, then both of you will get a 10% discount.
  • Pro Roster Discount

    If you refer a full team or if a full team signs up, then we offer a 20% discount in total or per player.
Amped Reviews

Testimonials from past Amped Clients who went through our full Aim Training plan.

Daniel "DDK" Kapadia
Ex Quake Pro & Caster
Amped was an incredible bespoke experience with great coaches and training methodologies that allowed me to break through my barriers to achieve better results in my aiming skills. I had the pleasure of working with MINI and loved every moment of it; my strengths and weaknesses were quickly identified, targeted and enhanced. I have been in the FPS pro-gaming world as a competitor, creator and pundit for 20 years and I would highly recommend this process to even the most seasoned FPS professionals.

At the pro level, we now benefit from coaching for every part of the game, except mechanics. Amped fills this hole perfectly.
Hector ''Dazs'' Felix
General Manager at SoaR
Being able to be coached at Amped was a very interesting experience. Even as someone who has learned a lot about Aim Trainers and Aim in general, being coached is a whole different world to me. Thanks to debate about Aim Trainers with great aimers, I was able to discover new ways to improve my skills. It was a unique experience, very complete and useful, and it has helped me improve at a faster rate than I thought I was capable of achieving. I greatly appreciate the professional and dedicated work of my coach y4mz and all the members of Amped in this experience. Thanks to how well-directed these sessions are, I will be able to improve what I have learned over time. I highly recommend to bring out our true in-game potential and change the mentality to integrate everything learned once the course ends. 10/10.
Blake "miniature" Gittins
Professional Valorant Player
Amped was a unique experience for me as I was not ''new'' to Aim Training in general, in fact relatively advanced in it. The things my coach Lorys helped me focus and hone allowed me to feel more confident than I ever have mechanically and up my game plus consistency entirely. It's simple to follow but very dynamic in results.

If you want improvement and are skeptical of Aim Training ask yourself how much you relaly know about the ins and outs of mechanics.
About Voltaic
Since 2019, Voltaic has established itself as the premier aim training community with over 90K+ members. Pros and content creators alike have joined seeking improvement from the best aim coaches world wide.

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